Shimna Integrated College year 12 Careers

The Information You Need

You will need some or all of the following, depending on your interests:

  • your copy of the 6th form choices booklet;

  • your application form for 6th form;

  • This year's up-to-date information about apprenticeship;

  • This year's up-to-date contact for training placements;

  • web address for South Eastern Regional College (Downpartrick) and Lisburn);

  • web address for Southern Regional College (Newry);

  • web address for CAFRE (College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise - Antrim, Cookstown and Enniskillen)

  • Alicia's email address;

  • Mary's email address

For everything else, don't be afraid to ask Alicia.

Careers provision for year 12 students normally begins in September, when our DEL (Department of Employment and Learning) Careers Officer, Mary Knight, signs up all our students to the careers service. In a normal year, Mary then begins individual interviews with each student. Like almost everything else in this very strange year, things will be different, but rest assured, you will receive all the careers information and guidance you need in order to make good choices and make good opportunities for yourself for next year.

The sign up process started much later, but most of you have now completed the process and Mary's work is underway. She isn't able to come into school during the pandemic, but she is still providing individual careers guidance, this time by email, by phone or video call. After their session with Mary, each student will receive an email copy of their personal action plan. These are already underway.

The next step is the publication of our 6th form Subject Choice booklet which includes details of all the subjects on offer and examples of the enrichment and careers activities you will be able to choose from. The booklet will explain how to choose the number of subjects you should take, the kinds of subjects you need for specific university courses or jobs and how to research UK and RoI colleges and universities, degrees and Higher Level Apprenticeships.

In February, individual interviews for every student will begin with our Shimna 6th form careers adviser, Alicia Rooney. As you will still be learning remotely in February, Alicia will hold her interviews face-to-face, but electronically. When we are all allowed to return to school, second interviews will be available, with Mary for those who want to include further education, apprenticeship or a training placement in their choices, and with Alicia for those who want to apply to sixth form.