All About 6th Form

Welcome to Shimna Integrated College 6th Form

6th Form is where you create the foundations for your future, but it is also where you live your life for two whole years.  We hope to set out for you here the choices which will help you plan your 6th form programme, a programme while fulfilling and exciting, it will also open up for you the opportunities you want for your future.


Check out the academic subjects on offer; think about what you already know about yourself in terms of an exam candidate, in terms of completing assignments and coursework; think about the additional skills and opportunities you would like to build in; think about scheduling your study time both at home and in school.


A 6th form timetable gives you a greater degree of choice about how you organise your time, but also a greater degree of responsibility for making the most of your time.  You will want to build in plenty of opportunity to explore career options, for example seeking out worthwhile work experience and university taster courses.  


We invest in a full range of additional opportunities for all our 6th form students:

  •  Listening Ear training, helping us all be there for each other and building skills and a recognised qualification for those who plan a career working with people;

  • HeartStart first aid qualifications which are invaluable when you are applying for part time work, and are also important on your CV;

  • Child Protection qualifications, which again are very useful when applying for part time work, and also for placements which will gain you the experience you will need to make good career decisions;

  • Prefecting is open to all our students who choose to apply, and offers you the opportunity to take on responsibility for helping to run the school; 

  • Mock Bar Trial Competition is a fantastic opportunity, giving students real experience of the the courtroom through trying a case in front of a real judge in the High Court in Belfast;

  • Mock Council of the European Union offers a team of students the opportunity to take part in debate about real and urgent issues affecting all of Europe and takes place in Stormont;

  • Engineering and management work experience is offered in Collins Aerospace in Kilkeel, offering a real insight into the work of an international company;

  • Weekly work experience in local primary schools and care homes, and continuing links with GlenFold and DonardFold, our two neighbours;

  • Habitat for Humanity provides an outstanding opportunity to learn to fundraise and to travel to Romania to work with local families in building homes for their community;

  • Duke of Edinburgh's/President's Gold Award is an opportunity to gain experience through a residential, an expedition and through developing your personal fitness, your skills and your commitment through volunteering;

  • Shimna Stars Special Olympics Basketball Club offers the opportunity to commit to volunteer on a weekly basis supporting athletes with learning disabilities playing competitive sport;

  • Rainbows, Brownies and Guides offer the opportunity to train as a volunteer leader;

  • Newcastle Junior Athletics Club offers the opportunity to senior students to train as coaches